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EU-ReferendumSo, the UK population has voted on the EU Referendum, to leave the EU

What does this mean for EU nationals  and their families currently residing inside the UK?

Until the UK Government invokes Article 50 and triggers the two-year time limit to leave the E.U, our relationship with EU and immigration policies will remain unchanged.

As it stands, Free Movement legislation remains unaffected, enabling EU nationals and their non-EEA family members to file an application to stay in the UK, subject to meeting the relevant rules which applied pre-Brexit.

Changes are expected to be announced in October 2016 when a new Prime Minister is elected and cabinet are in place.

Based on comments made to the media by David Cameron, we expect provisions will be made to safeguard the existing 3 million EU nationals already living in the UK, enabling them to submit an application for residence or a visa to remain in the UK.

Whilst it remains unclear exactly what will happen in the short term, it is advisable for EEA nationals to obtain either a Registration Certificate or Permanent Residence as appropriate to confirm any existing right to reside in the UK.

If you are an EU citizen or EEA family member who has been residing in the UK and can provide evidence you have been economically active for at least 5 years to date (e.g. employment) then you may qualify for Permanent Residence in the UK which is now a prerequisite to apply for British citizenship.

If you require assistance in applying for Permanent Residence in the UK, please contact us on 01793 836 010 for an assessment of your situation.