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Representatives of Overseas Business

“For employee of overseas parent company to set up UK branch or subsidiary. Also enables foreign media employees to undertake long-term UK assignments”.

Whether setting up a UK branch or coming on a journalistic assignment, our specialist team can manage your application. We assess exactly what evidence you need to maximise your chance of success.

You must meet the English language requirement and show enough personal savings.

Sole representative visas

Your application must prove you were recruited and remain employed as a senior employee of an overseas parent company, headquartered outside the UK. You should not be a majority shareholder.

To work solely for the UK employer, to establish a commercial presence in the UK either as a registered branch or wholly owned subsidiary in the same business as the parent company.

You are expected to have relevant industry experience and knowledge, together with full authority to make operational decisions for the UK branch or subsidiary.

Media employees posted on long-term assignment to the UK

Employees of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation posted on a long-term assignment to the UK can apply for this visa.

Your application must demonstrate you are employed by a recognised media organisation, and you are required to undertake a long-term UK assignment as part of this employment.

Extension applications

You can extend your stay if you are still required to undertake the same type of work for your employer as set out in the original application.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

An application for ILR can be made following five years continuous stay in this category.

Overseas Business Free Assessment

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Whether you’re making an initial application for a Sole representative or Media employee posted to the UK, or seeking to extend your stay in the UK, our experts can help manage your case.